Who we are

Guernsey Trees for Life has a membership of over 200 people and a Committee of elected and co‑opted people. There is a Committee of up to 12 elected members and there are 7 Officer posts which the Committee elects immediately after the Annual General Meeting. Although there is a limit to the number of elected members who sit on the Committee the Committee may co‑opt other people who it considers can be of benefit. Therefore the Committee may number more than 12.

The Annual General Meeting was held on 25 June 2015 at which all Officers stood down as required by the Constitution.

The 7 Officers are:

  1. Chairman: Chris Stonebridge
  2. Vice Chair: Michelle Levrier
  3. Secretary: Andy McCutcheon M.  Arbor.A.  
  4. Treasurer : Colin Gaudion
  5. Membership Secretary : Colin Gaudion
  6. Education & Learning Officer: Vanessa Crispini‑Adams
  7. Communications Officer: Luke Kershaw

The Officers are supported by the remaining Committee members: Adele Malpas, Richard Loyd, George Garnett, Chet Pohl, Will Roger and Colin Dodd. All Committee members serve on at least one Working Party. Working parties include: Rural Tree Planting, Urban Tree Planting, Tree Warden liaison, Media & Publications, Little Tree Project, and Events.

Guernsey Trees For Life is a Guernsey Registered Charity No CH 301 & member of the Association of Guernsey Charities (No 163). All funds raised are used solely for the purpose of furthering the aims of the Society – see What we do. Membership is available to all and the affairs of the Society are governed by a Committee of elected and co‑opted members who must abide by a written constitution.

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